Check-in is available at flexible hours by appointment or by contactless Self Check In.  Check-out is 11 AM (CST).

Forms of payment we accept when paying at the hostel:    Cash     Credit Card    Debit Card   Paypal     Venmo

Forms of payment we accept if paying online: Credit/Debit card used to make your Reservation,  Paypal, or Venmo.

Your reservation will be confirmed after pre-payment for the first night,  An invoice for the first night’s payment will be sent after your reservation request.  A confirmation email will follow immediately after the prepayment is received.

We have an ATM.

No pets allowed except certified/legal service animals. If you have a service animal you will need to book a private room and let the hostel know in advance.

Call for more information and Availability
504-304-9974     or    504-615-1249