How is a hostel different from a hotel?

A hostel is a European-styled accommodation designed to house student backpackers. The emphasis in hostels is on sociability, on meeting people. Most rooms are set up with bunk beds, dorm-style, so rooms are shared with other travelers. There is usually a shared kitchen where you can prepare your own meals along with other guests. (You are expected to wash your own pans, dishes, and silverware.) Hostels may also set up activities that facilitate introductions to other guests.

Hotels offer maximum privacy and anonymity—private rooms, private bathroom, fridge/microwave or full private kitchen in the room.

Modern hostels may offer a mix of privacy and sociability. Like many modern hostels, Site 61 offers private rooms, as well as dorm rooms, and the option of reserving a private bathroom down the hall.

Site 61 provides pillows, linens, towel and blanket(s) free of charge. Housekeeping for your bed, room and/or private bathroom are provided weekly. Shared bathrooms are cleaned daily.

Site 61 offers desks in some rooms, to accommodate digital nomads, those who are working while traveling.

Let us answer these questions in advance:

Where are the little soaps and shampoo bottles?

We are an environmentally friendly accommodation. We provide free hand soap, for sanitation purposes. And we have a filtered-water faucet in the kitchen, so you can refill your personal water containers. We do not support the proliferation of little single-use plastic containers, or of single-use plastic water bottles.

Hostels also offer budget-friendly pricing and adjust amenities accordingly.

Why are there other people in my room?

In hostels you are allowed to reserve only One Bed in a shared room, for a budget price. However, unfortunately, some booking agents continue to describe your accommodation as a “room,” rather than a bed. You should always confirm the details of your reservation, to prevent any surprises after you arrive.

If you have reserved a room that Site 61 has described as a “private room,” the room will be private; that is, no other guests will be staying in your private room.

Whether this is your first reservation in a hostel, or whether you are a seasoned hostel traveler, we look forward to hosting you. If you have questions about your specific reservation, please feel free to contact us at Site 61.

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