House Rules

Site 61 Hostel – House Rules

The Secret to Successful Co-Living is Respect!

Please note: Some of our House Rules have been revised, to adjust to new safety and sanitation protocols during the Coronavirus pandemic:

Wash your hands immediately on entering the building.

Maintain distance when moving in the vicinity of others. Masks are highly recommended!

Hand sanitizer and a spray disinfectant will be available in the common areas. Feel free to use them for additional cleaning, however, do not move/leave the containers in your room.

A staff member will wipe down frequently-touched areas in the common rooms.

Use of the kitchen is limited. Keep your personal tableware, etc, in your personal container. Keep your dry food in a locker with your name clearly marked–not on an open shelf, or on the refrigerator, etc. Items placed in the refrigerator must be in a clearly labeled box/bag.

Don’t walk away! from any unwashed dishes. Wash, dry and put away all your dishes and pans. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink—EVER!

Cooking is permitted only in the kitchen (not in the individual rooms), and only with the appliances and cookware that are available for common use.

No frying in the indoor kitchen (like fried chicken).
There are cooking facilities in the outdoor kitchen.

No illegal activity will be tolerated. No harassment, stalking, theft,
or consuming items purchased by other guests.

You can assure that your assigned room and bathroom remain secure and private only if you keep the doors locked. The building owners and management are not responsible for loss or damage to any items left in the common areas or in an unlocked room.

For your security: ONLY registered guests are allowed upstairs.
Visitors of guests may be admitted downstairs ONLY
with the manager’s knowledge and approval.
Do NOT open or “hold” the door for anyone you do not know..

Cameras: are watching and recording all public areas: lobby, hallways, stairs, streets.

Alcohol must be consumed in moderation only. No public drunkeness.

Furniture: No furniture, household goods or appliances belonging to the Guest may be moved into the building. Furniture provided by the Hostel must not be moved without Written permission of Management.

Housekeeping: A housekeeper, wearing a mask, will clean each room and bathroom every 7-10 days. The cleaning appointment will be set up at least 24 hours in advance. Please consolidate your personal items—especially electronics– in order to facilitate cleaning floors, changing beds, etc.

Quiet hours: Sun-Thurs 11PM-7AM … and … Fri & Sat 12AM-7AM

Close the shower curtain so water stays inside the shower.

Smoking is permitted only in outdoor areas.

Pets are not allowed on the premises.

P2P File Sharing/Torrents: File sharing on the Hostel network is not allowed. The offending device will be blocked from further internet access at the Hostel

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