Discover New Orleans in peace, privacy and comfort!

Discover New Orleans in peace, privacy and comfort!

Hostels, in general, have a reputation for being rowdy–lots of booze, loud music, easy hookups and not much sleep! Its guests are looking to meet other like-minded co-horts, to test their tolerance for alcohol and street food, to push their stamina to the limit, and to make memories of the unfortunately unforgettable kind.

Party hostels are great places to meet other young people in a tolerant setting. Many of the constraints of adulthood and the tenets of “good” behavior and moderation can be set aside in favor of the freedom to “find oneself.”

In contrast, Site 61 Hostel caters to people who have already found themselves, at least to some extent. We like to say that our hostel is more for Graduate Students—still young enough to enjoy New Orleans’ 24-hour night life, but having already been through most of their rowdy years.

Several things notify potential guests that we are not a “party” hostel: We are located in a, renovated, historic building with lots of wood trim. The building is in a “neighborhood,” about two miles from the French Quarter. Guests tell us the building and the atmosphere are “homey.” We are so happy to hear that! We want people to go out and have a great time in the City, then be able to come “home,” to rest up for the next day’s excursion.

There is no curfew, but we have quiet hours, which we ask everyone to respect. The hall and room lighting gets lower as one goes upstairs to the dorm rooms. We are trying to say: “Please quiet down, now. Leave the party outside.” (Just a note: lighting in the bathrooms is a normal bathroom-level brightness.)

People who stay in a “non-party” hostel have chosen to stay in a place where they have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, as well as from the States. Yet they can still enjoy some peace, privacy and comfort. We hope to accomplish that end, so our guests can go home with great memories—and brain cells intact!