About our sci-fi decor…

About our sci-fi decor…

At Site 61 you might see aliens,

or time machines.

And you will see us flying the flag of the Browncoats

If you recognize the sci-fi references, you will appreciate the details of the hostel’s decor.  If not, they will just seen a little quirky and unusual, but not overbearing.  Our intention is to give sci-fi buffs a little extra entertainment without turning off folks who don’t know anything about sci-fi and–possibly– couldn’t care less!

Each dorm room has a sci-fi theme that is brought out in the paint colors, curtains, the finishes on the custom beds, the decorations on the walls, and the colors of the sheets .By giving each room a theme, we are assured of having decorating fun for many years, as we continue to enhance each room’s decor.  Sorry, we can’t mention many themes, because we don’t want to step on copyrighted toes.

However, we can share a little info about the “451 Lounge.”  This room is influenced by the novel Fahrenheit 451.  Ray Bradbury posited a future in which the government decides that people will be happier without books.  So books are condemned to be burned.  Fortunately, some of the folks rebel by hiding books in their AC vents and even one of the firemen whose job was to confiscate and burn the books, starts reading and protecting them.–A more or less positive ending to a dismal, over-protective, domineering, closed-minded government bureaucracy.  Obviously, the decor in this Lounge includes “fire” and” books.”  the hostel library is in this lounge, along with a collage of “burning books” in front of the the fireplace, and part of our actual sprinkler system displayed as artwork.

Then there is the Steampunk-influenced lobby, the industrial downstairs bathroom, where the AC vents were left exposed.  We’re just getting started with the sci-fi decor and we welcome guest’s decorating suggestions!

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